a commitment to our craft and surrounding ourselves with the people we love always keeps us influenced and respectful.

The Shop

Custom Tattoos

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We are custom tattooers; solid, clean tattoos are what we deliver.

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Diversity in design is one of the greatest and one of our favorite parts of the tattoo art form. we specialize in custom designing, drawing, and tattooing. a one of a kind, designed for you tattoo. the art is what drives us.

Please feel free to email your ideas and photos for your tattoo or any questions you may have to info@littlebirdtattoo.ca.

Shop Vibe

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Shop vibe is very important to us. You won't get attitude here.

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We are nice, approachable guys who want you to feel comfortable and have a great tattoo experience.

If you are interested in getting tattooed please email us your ideas to info@littlebirdtattoo.ca any references you can send with your tattoo ideas are helpful. from there we can set up a consultation to go over your ideas in person.


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Sterilization and cross contamination control is a very important part of the tattoo process. Our shop is very clean and our cross contamination control is at the highest standards, this is something we take very seriously and pride ourselves in.

We use sterilized single use needles and sterilized single use grip tubes and a wide array of barrier control products. Anything used or touched through the tattoo process is disposed of or protected by a barrier product.

Tattooing is a very safe process when these high standard are met. Please come in and meet us and we will gladly put you at ease by showing you the extensive steps we take to prevent cross contamination.